Friday, December 30, 2011

New year...a new me! To be continued....

Hard to believe that it is almost 2012. Yes, that is what I have been reading on all social networks. I must say that it is just not this year that has gone by so fast, it has been the last several years. It just happens to be a few days before New Years so I hear it more. I have been reading several post on the resolutions for the new year. Not sure why I do seems as if I set myself up for failure. Then I ask my self why do I fail at this task that I have 365 days to accomplish. Hmmm! Once again I have decided on changing ME! Here are some of my resolutions...(the first one I stole, but it suited me).

Not feel so guilty when I eat cake
How I am feeling today will not be determined by others
Enjoy more of my creative side
Try something new...a class, a recipe or a good book
Kiss and hug my kids as much as possible
Pray more
Become more active in my church
Always.... Think positive!

Then there is always the......

lose weight
eat healthier

blah, blah blah!

Well there you have is done and ready to be reinforced. I did leave out this blog, but I am going to try to keep up with this as much as possible. Yes, I said this before....but this time I am stickin' to it!

Tomorrow night we will be hosting a small gathering of friends. Still to be determined on how many. Oooh, I thought of one more to add to my list. Going up right now to add, before I forget. Just a little will be the last one. The menu is as follows....chicken wings (luv them), Baked crab dip (yummo), pulled pork on the smoker, and shrimps (just love to say it that way, even though it is not politically correct). Posting of pics soon! My wish for everyone for the New Year is that it be a year of happiness, craziness, a little filled with friendship, mischief, and kindness....most of all love to the fullest, laugh until it hurts, live like there is no tomorrow....have a memorable 2012. Happy New Year! Cheers!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thought of the day.....

The brain is an amazing thing! Oh, and mine is constantly flipped to the on button. As I sit here writing this post, I am thinking of the time spent on this computer tonight. Do I really have this much time to spend? My surroundings would say "NO". However, this is my time...time well spent....right?? As I try to convince myself!
So this brings me to my thought of the day.....quit my teaching position (which is only part time) to research and create a fabulous blog. Where was all this "techie" stuff when I was a SAHM? Hmmm, one thing that is great about our thoughts...they are just that, unless you put them into motion. I will not be quitting my teaching job, but on the brighter side...summer is just around the corner! Watch out bloggers....this gal will be up bright an early blogging her little fingers away! Well, maybe not so early :)!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Head spinning, more time and where do I go from here....

Did you ever have one of those days when you thought....hmm, I can do it all today! In reality, I don't even know where to get started. One word PRIORITIES! I really want to start a.....wait lets go back. My dream is to start a great blog, with wonderful pictures and lots of followers. I also have another dream of starting my own bakery. I love making cupcakes just as much as I love searching the web for blogs that have cupcakes in them. Oh, more dream. I would love to bake all these yummy recipes and 1. have them turn out just like the pictures 2. be able to eat them and not gain any weight 3. not feel guilty eating them! So as I sit here typing and wishing all of this would just magically come true.... reality sets in and I look around the room. Over there is laundry that needs to be put away, next the sweeper needs run. Oh, and I almost forgot I need would like to exercise today. Already this morning, I have spent so much time googling Medifast and Biggest loser diet at the same time looking at "My baking addiction" blog. Then in the back of my head thinking....would love to eat some lemon cupcakes. So here is my thing...can I have everything and be guilt free. Yesterday, was Easter and of course I over ate. I did however, make a scrumptious carrot cake. It has to be healthy right, after all it has carrots in it!! As I am sitting in church listening to the message on "JOY"....I am stunned that it mostly pertains to me. Amazing how that happens! Yes, I depend on food to give me the joy I am looking for..or should I say that I think that it does. Nevertheless, I must come to terms that I just can't eat as much as I would like. At least without spending my life on the treadmill 24/7. In my quest to make all of my dreams come true (I know with the help of God) I will attempt to start this blog. Hey, a dream has to start somewhere right? Just one thing how does anyone loose any weight when they are constantly baking....then again does anyone really care. Maybe the "joy" is something that is within each person...and if you are truly happy with who you are, then you have found all the joy you need! God is taking me on a journey....looking forward to the ride!